The Invisible Superstar of Wednesday

The Invisible Superstar of Wednesday Series

Which character is the invisible superstar in Wednesday series?

All the characters, their dialogues and actions narrate a story for us, and try to form a world in our mind. But there is an obvious invisible superstar and that is color palette.

We can watch and rewatch Wednesday series with considering colors and how they form our connection with Wednesday’s world.

Wednesday Adam is allergic to color so we see her mostly in black. But as you know colors in a frame tend to attract the attention of the audience so the design of cloth and environment is in a way that we keep Wednesday in our attention. Using monochromatic colour palette is a way they keep this attention. Monochromatic Palette is when we only use one hue of a color but in different tints, shades and tones (in Lesson 4 of Magic of colors in storytelling I have explained it thoroughly)

Another interesting point is that Wednesday is allergic to colors but we always see her in Black not in white. This breaking of rules is also a design of Wednesday. In print colors, white, black and gray are considered as neutral colors, but in RGB colors of light, dark means no light and white is composed of mixing of all main colors. (I have explained RGB colors in 3rd lesson of my class)

So it is like that Wednesday world is close to RGB color world, especially that the principal who is always in White can change her shape into others, as if like white color in light that is composed of many colors.

Her roommate is the colorful girl who has problem and worries about not being able to become an elf, and she uses colors may be to show this willingness or even to express her socialism and tendency to be on social media.

Have you watched Wednesday by far? Watch it and tell me what other interesting facts you have discovered.

Best colourful and non-colorful wishes,


Final Game of FIFA WorldCup 2022

Tonight/ Today is the final game of FIFA World cup 2022, Here is my project for 2018 and want to watch your projects too.
Listen to my words in this video. I have 4 project suggestions for you, the students of my 4 classes. 

You Are 3 Feet Away From Your Gold + 5* Updates

You Are 3 Feet Away From Your Gold  +  5* Important Updates 

Heard about the story of Darby, … let’s watch it together 

The desire itself can be transmitted into gold…

When you start a class you have a desire, a new skill, a gift, better feeling, better use of time and many others.
I know, but distractions sometimes prevents us to dig the last feet to make a project and to show it to the world. 
In difficult situations like this, your emotional mind can help. How?  If you give tiny small prizes to yourself for each step then the path would be easier to go on. 
What prize? Badges. Yes in learning you can use badges.  Here is the surprise !
In my latest class “Programming the mind of Pinocchio“, I provided you special badges from me. 

But there is a BIGGER SURPRISE:

Now you can get badges on your profiles on SkillShare. This creative team always surprises me, that is why I am a fan of SkillShare 

Use this badges to motivate yourself to reach your gold mine. 
You might be only 1 foot away. 


S&S (Add strategy to your skills) is now available to read or listen.

Past week, I sent some of you 1st book of S&S and now both of them are available for you to download or listen 
Book#1 : Techniques of Animation – With a look on the history of animated movies
Book#2:  Types of Photography – With a look on the Marketing Strategies
Listen to them online here on SoundCloud
or you can download the PDF+mp3 of them here from my website 



Prize Class on my profile 
Downloadable and permanent access 

Some of you ask yourself how is it to be on NFT market, how much time does it take? My children ask me and I don’t know much to help them. I don’t know if I should enter it or not? 

I attended workshops about it, I tested the market and put time to gain information from experiences one in this market. 
Now I have summarized them up in a video-slide show course around half an hour for you. 

Just head over my profile and fill the application form to get your access to it (it is free only for my students here)


Now that you want to get badges from Skillshare, why not to listen to music while working
I am making playlists for you 
send me your suggestions to be added

♫♪♪ Playlists for when you create  ♫♪♪

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Challenge Ideas
Overwhelmed by ideas for your class project? Overthinking? 

I am here with suggestions for you, share them with #wafflensiechallenge 
Don’t forget to share them in project gallery to get your badges
Challenge for Pinocchio Class :
Write a program that makes a dialogue with user about Thanksgiving. 
Challenge for Morph Class:
It is time for you to start or improve your YouTube channel, make a logo motion: write your name with small beans, morph it into a circle then morph it into your logo (as explained in lesson 6 1′:10″)
Challenge for stop-motion video Class:
Very similar to 2nd challenge, but use one of the 6 techniques taught in stop-motion art video class

4- Challenge for Color Class
Why not to make a calendar and gift it to friends or sell digital version of it on marketplaces?
Your challenge is to make 4 image cover for 4 seasons, but apply colours to that using the techniques taught in lesson 3 of the class (mapping colors from a movie to an image) 


Thanks for reading,
Now that we have a badge shower, follow me to get a badge for that too. 
Waiting to hear or watch from you… 

Thanks for reading Hadis

Journey from A Florist to A Letter Artist

Life is riding a bicycle, we should never stop, to have control on it.
And all the path that we go might one day be used in another path…

I was listening to Gemma O’Brien in her class Illustrated Lettering: Drawing Intricate Floral Forms that what she creates now has a story.

The trailer of class:

Her art work:

She mixes flower patterns with letters, and what is interesting for me is that she had a time being a florist.
You see how life is beautiful? All that you do can inspire you.
Take a look at her class here
have a nice learning time


A Challenge to Level Up Your Watercolor Skills

I was surfing through my students projects and checking what other classes they are interested to attend.
I found out many are interested in challenges.
This challenge ( is a class that means you not only challenge yourself but also accompanies by a teacher.

The challenge is focused on landscape.

I suggest it to you because landscape also has a meditative effect. If you are busy or feeling lost, take this class and do the challenge. Keep is small, but in every day.

I would love to see your projects, send me through social media or other contact ways.

by Zaneena Nabeel ,

Strategy of NFT Market for Artists

One of the markets for selling art is #NFT #market. The point in NFT is about #creator’s rights to be having royalties of every sale and the #decentralized system of transferring creations and currency Buy #Strategy of NFT Market for #Artists on Gumroad

This is your video course,
1-please watch that.
2-Take note of your takeaways from class (either for your self or for giving advice to another person)
3-Write your goals & time
4-Decide whether you want to enter the market or not
5-According to class think about your strategies for -creation -minting -promotion
– Wish you and your acquaintances success

Easy Peasy Learn Programming on a Trip

I was listening to a podcast she said, “when I am on a trip for attending a workshop, I open my laptop in the airport, code and do my projects”

Let’s imagine, you are on a trip, you park along the road, to have a rest, enjoy the nature and prepare tea and drink tea. While water is heating to start boiling, you want to have some fun, some mind game, some mind sport, something that you do, and then the result makes your mind happy and fresh.

So I suggest you , you can easily connect to that and start programming a fun chat with Pinocchio.

It is easy-peasy, in old ages people should go to a room, and reserve time for working with a huge computer they should punch their programme. But now life is easy, with only a laptop, no, no with only a mobile or table, just as the water is starting to boil you can learn programming, have fun and bring pleasure to your brain, and this pleasure helps you in your other activities during the day.

If near the road, you wanted help. Just open my class, I am there to help you enjoy your trip more.

Have a pleasurable mind competition


List of ideas for morph animation

Morphing is about changing a shape, a character and form into another.

This change is not sudden, but we see the process.

Make a morph is a good idea for making a short animation

If you want to make a morph but have no idea, pick one:

  • -two random word from dictionary
  • -Making a morph motion for logo of a friend’s business
  • -Considering a psychological disorder
  • -Morphing a shape into its letters.

You can make a morph in many techniques

I suggest you to start with stop-motion or 2D-Drawing. Before starting make a thumbnail sheet, that helps a lot, even if you want to make a spontaneous art.

Start your morphing project and share it with me , if you need help you can use my tips and tricks in your project morph by taking this class.

And if you want to have yourself in the frame and morph yourself, then that is a technique called “Pixelation”. Amazon Kindle has used these techniques in some advertisement.

Can’t wait to see your morphing ideas and projects


Professional Secret & “Please buy a 24 coloured pencil box for me!”

When we were child we dreamed of those colour pencil boxes with more colours yes?

I always had 12 colours. Once I got a 6 colours box with mini pencils and that was cute. But getting a 24 coloured pencil box was a dream. And 36 colours seemed so much professional.

But here is a secret I have for you :

Are you a designer? A graphic designer, or you design your room or home decor, or you make UI/UX …

Are you a visual storyteller? Like you illustrate, paint, make animation, …

Are you planning about buying cloth and outfit?

Well stick to fewer colours, it is so much easier to control, and it looks professional. Yes it looks professional as it seems it is coherent and under control.

When I say use less colour, I don’t mean just some specific colours. No I mean all the shades, tones and shadows of a colour, for example if you choose green and purple you can use all types of green and purple.

And here is the second secret:

Start by 3 colours chosen from a split complementary palette. By split complementary palette, I mean use a colour wheel. Then choose two colours on the opposite side, and then substitute one by its two adjacent ones.

If you are new about colour wheel or split complementary palette. But you want to have fun while learning it, I have provided enough entertainment in my class about colours and storytelling

You can make a decision and choose one of these options

1 Join me in the class.


2 subscribe to my newsletter

Love to see you are works with split complementary palette.

Storytelling Using Colours by Hadis Malekie

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