3rd Place on Education Books From National Music House

It was very enjoying writing the book, and also preparing the multimedia software was spiritually enjoying but physically hard, I was not happy for the lack of information about pulishing process that publisher provided me, It was so discouraging to see the book in the exhibition for sale without its CD, niether without even a word of awaring me of the publication nor signing a contract before that, but all in all that was my experiences, I prefer to publish my next book , if any, with a foreigner publisher or a smaller publisher with more systematic process.

I should mention there were also great points about the process, like the head of Musical Center of Art, Mr. Mahdavi who was like a kind teacher for me and the graphic team who was patient and really efficeint in their work.

And finally all of them turned into a sweet fruit. I won the prize for 3rd place of educational books in music, in the file attached you can here as they announce that in ceremony of National Music House. The second part of the files is the interview of Radio Farhang with me.





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