Translation of Animation Papers

In the past years ago, I had some commissions from the editor of the Cinema Animation Journal, to translate some of papers discussing animation. It is a great challenge for me to translate academic papers from English to Persian, it both help me to surf more in theoretical discussions, also it makes me enjoy the art of translation and being precise about the vocabularies. here are the list of papers that I was asked to translate:

  • Mike Jones, Vanishing Point: Spatial Composition and the Virtual Camera, animation: an interdisciplinary journal, Vol 2(3)
  • Franziska Bruckner, Hybrid Image, Hybrid Montage: Film Analytical Parameters for Live Action/Animation Hybrids, animation: an interdisciplinary journal, 2015, Vol. 10(I)
  • Paul Wells, The Beautiful Village and the True Village
  • Paul Ward, Rotoshop in Context: Computer Rotoscoping and Animation Aesthetics, Animation Journal, Volume 12, 2014


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