The real honor

Dear readers,The past month was such an inspiring month for me, it was about more than 3 month that I had downloaded and saves some sources about Creative Coding, Generative Art, Geometry, Cryptography, Information Design, Data Art, Info-graphics, Mathematical Biology and I was craving to read it and find out what I want to do.
Each semester I do a translation of animation papers for a magazine that focuses on Documentary and Animation, but this season I refused to accept the commission, and found the chance I needed.
I bough weekly high speed internet from my mobile operator, 5 GB for 2000 tomans, from 6 AM 11:59AM, so my mornings turned in to my online classes.

I started to look at the MOOC courses, and surfed on YouTube, searching for TED talk, creative coding, data visualization I began to hear about many artists, web developers, scientists and freelancers.
I contacted some of them and sent a thank you message to show my respect for their work.
I have saved all the pages in my google bookmark so I might not name all of them but just to name some of the inspiring persons, I can name
-John Mccormack, the professor of Monash University who has an online course in Future-learn,
-Steffan Davis, whom I watched his videos on YouTube,
-Filip K. Maini, that I was so interested in the project "Biological pattern formation" on his page
– Derek E. Moulton
and as I was surfing on Youtube I heard about
-Georgia Lupi, and her projects about Dataart, Deardata and data humanism, got my attention so I started to watch most of her videos.
then youtube suggested me speakings of
-Sara Soueidan, so inspiring, I listened to her podcast and loved the path she has walked in: writing for online websites and not just for ISI journals, and she was invited for conferences. I started to watch and listen to more podcasts of her.
Then the host of the podcast got my attention, Steven Folland, so animatic voice and good questions, I found his way of speaking also great so I stated to follow her project and that led me to know about many freelancers and their experiences, animators, writers, web-developers. I also enjoyed watching his Vlogs, to be honest I did not know what is Vlog before that.
In the path I also followed some other artists and I try to keep an eye on their art such as, Irene Rudnyk who does photography, Jim Mackenzie who is a talented artist with a sense of humor,Jordan Matter with his photography challenges, Barnaby Dixon that I think he is a talented young man, and marble machines by the artist who make and play them.
Although these people might not know me, but since I have learnt and got inspired by them I really feel they are my friend and are my teachers, Jim, Irene, Barnaby, Sara, Georgia, Steffan … and all the other one that I did not mentioned here and all the good people who share the love.

It is about some days that I think I should do more work for people, what I have done was making films for festivals, writing books to be printed, writing papers to be accepted and published by ISI journals with impact factor, and I participated in photography contests and exhibitions. That was not intentionally but that was just how I had learned in university, because all were talking about papers being accepted, or all were talking about getting degrees and certificate or all were talking about making movies to be accepted in film festival.
As I look back I see the greatest joy of writing my educational music book was not about the prize I received or about the requests for interview ( which I was always running away from), but the joy was when I head about young girls and boy telling me they enjoyed the book.
As I look back I remember the best joy of teaching was not about the prize by Principal but by the friendship made between me and my students.
I feel from now I should devote more on writing articles for people and for online magazine.
I feel from now I should focus more on making short animations for people and for children.
I believe the happiness from it is great.
Also working for all will make it easier to be seen by more people and get more opportunities of commissions or sponsorship.
Dont cha agree?


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