Everybody needs a passion, and I think my passion is Pattern. Since a couple of years ago, after graduation from University, I wanted to go beyond my previous job of teaching at high school and university, I started to think about "what is my interest?", not that I am not interested in anything, but the opposite, I find myself interested in many items related to creating,learning and analyzing.
-Being graduated in animation I needed to carve my niche in it. Script writing, character design, animating, background, directing, simulation, … are all of my interests.
-I also have a passion for science and computer science, being graduated in computer, I needed to find which area of computer science attracts me more. HRI, 3D simulation and bioinformatics got my attention but finally after reading more, I found it: data visualization, creative coding,data art, and generative art was the winner.
-Crafting, painting and sculpting is also my other interest, I like the tranquility in it, and I love reading art history and art philosophy.
-Photography is also one of my passions, after I bought a camera for stop-motion, I found it more much interesting to learn it by self-studying and some of my photography works were accepted in several exhibitions.

-Meanwhile I love teaching and making educational contents, so I like to make my YouTube channel more productive and make videos for people.

At first this diversity in interests made me feel stressed a lot, I felt I can not handle what to do… so I needed a backbone to connect all of these together.

I searched, thought and talked with my friends, and I think I found it: that is Pattern
yes Pattern.
-Animation: I love to make pattern, that video in "Pixar in a Box" of khan Academy which was about patterns really amazed me.
-Computer Science: Patterns are the magical item in data visualization, data art and creative coding. What attracts me in repetitive still and moving pictures is patterns.
-Crafting and Hand-Art: Any much better joy than working on symmetrical geometrical patterns or to surface design?
-Photography: Macro photography, and abstract photography is what makes me so much pleased.
-Video Production: why not to take that as backbone and start making different videos about pattern, either in visual still images or in moving and animation of birds or in nature or in songs …
– PhD studies: I am interested to apply for PhD in Design.

and this beautiful photo is what I saw near beach… that is amazing…


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